IMOSA has a wide range of applications for its products, which are under constant development. The experience of IMOSA associated with SAINT-GOBAIN, allowed the development of the sands obtained in its process, achieving different compositions and granulometries, totally controlled, to meet the concrete needs of each and every one of its clients.

IMOSA's wide experience allows to use the sands obtained in the industrial process in the most diverse purposes, applying and developing its products with the main objective of satisfying its clients according to the requested requirements and according to each target market.

IMOSA's products are intended for the Glass Industry (white glass and colored glass), Construction and Public Works, from wet sands Glue Cement production, Plasters, Filtration, Foundry, Ceramics and refractories, from dry sands Sports Fields, Golf Courses, Synthetic Floors and Sand for the fluidized bed of Biomass Boilers.

In addition to the domestic market, we also export to the foreign market where the sand we produce has excellent acceptance by all our clients and where we have a growing demand.

Sands - Golf Courses


Wet Silica Sand

Wet Silica Sand
The high silica content (SiO2), allows IMOSA to be placed has a high quality sand supplier for the glass industry.

The precision of the grain size, its distribution and the round shape of the grains, make it an excellent product for Construction, Filtration, Ceramics, the Glass Industry and Golf Courses.

Dry Silica Sand

IMOSA has a dryer with a capacity of 20ton / h.
This process is supported by 8 properly separated silos allowing to obtain different types of sand for specific applications (Cement Glue, Foundry, Projected Plaster, Synthetic Floors and Sports Fields).